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Vinyl Floors

Every luxury vinyl flooring that we bring into Singapore has to pass 2 basic criteria; best in class performance, and inspiring designs

With us as your gatekeeper, there is no doubt that our luxury vinyl floor tiles, vinyl planks, Vinyl Strip Flooring and vinyl sheet selections are the best in looks, performance and comfort, for each unique and delicate flooring needs across every space in residential and commercials.

Vinyl Floor

Luxury vinyl flooring Singapore that is crafted from synthetic materials, has gained popularity owing to its practicality and long-lasting nature. Its resistance to moisture, versatile styling options, and budget-friendly pricing make it a highly sought-after choice for flooring. Additionally, flooring vinyl Singapore can imitate the design of various flooring materials, as seen in vinyl wood flooring, herringbone vinyl flooring, marble vinyl flooring, cement vinyl flooring, terrazzo vinyl flooring, and chevron vinyl flooring SG.

Vinyl Flooring Options

  • Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl floor planks offer a wide range of styles designed to replicate real wood floors. Unlike wood, vinyl planks are preferred for their resistance to water and stains and their low maintenance requirements. This type of vinyl plank flooring Singapore is ideal for owners wanting a warm interior or areas experiencing heavy foot traffic.

  • Vinyl Tiles Singapore

Vinyl tiles are crafted to resemble ceramic or stone tiles. Like vinyl planks, they are available in a wide array of designs and colours intended to recreate the appearance of natural materials. Unlike stone tiles, vinyl tile flooring Singapore can be easily trimmed to fit into tight spaces, making them a popular choice for smaller areas in the home. Additionally, vinyl tiles do not come with thick grout lines which may become unsightly over time. For those who wish to enhance the resemblance to ceramic or stone, we do have a divider to mimic the grout lines but without the grooves.

  • Vinyl Sheets

In contrast to vinyl planks and tiles, vinyl sheets can be installed as a continuous layer, spanning widths of up to two metres. Due to their cost-effectiveness and long lifespan, vinyl sheets are the material of choice for covering large commercial areas.

  • Woven Vinyl

Woven vinyl flooring is a contemporary woven textile flooring and an interesting alternative to vinyl flooring which may be applied in a myriad of settings. A good quality woven vinyl should be fray-proof.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring vs. Other Flooring Options

  • Compared with Traditional Hardwood Flooring

In wet areas, waterproof vinyl flooring SG stands out as the optimal choice due to its high resistance to water damage. These floorings provide durability that guarantees lasting performance without compromising hardwood floors’ look and feel.

  • Vinyl Flooring's Benefits Over Ceramic Tiles

Opt for waterproof vinyl floor tiles for enhanced warmth and comfort compared to ceramic tiles. Vinyl offers greater underfoot comfort and practicality in comparison. Its softer surface creates a comfortable environment suitable for various living spaces. Additionally, waterproof vinyl flooring Singapore reflects the charm of natural materials such as stone and hardwood, blending aesthetic allure with functional benefits.

  • Best for Humid Climates

This flooring is suitable for countries like Singapore that is known for its humid climate. Its moisture-resistant feature ensures reliability and longevity, enhancing its appeal in challenging environmental conditions

Vinyl Strip Flooring Design Options

When it comes to designs, vinyl strip flooring offers an extensive range of options that allow homeowners to design their spaces just the way they want. There are a variety of options available, from modern patterns to traditional wood designs. People can customise their interior according to their desired design by creating a balance between style and functionality.

Our Vinyl Products

Attractive, high quality vinyl tiles and planks where dimensional stability is always the best in class. Wood, stone, solid colours, herringbone & chevron designs, you name it, we have it.

Engineered Vinyl Floor

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Super soft, hyper strong Engineered Vinyl Floors is a new generation of flooring which can be installed on uneven subfloors. This product composition is extensively engineered & multi layered –in no way comparable to other rigid products in the market.

Sheet Vinyl

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Sheet vinyl comes in big roll format mostly used in commercial applications which require properties such as a high resistance to chemicals, scratches & stains, acoustic insulation, anti-slip resistance and low maintenance.

Woven Vinyl

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This beautiful anti-bacterial, fray-proof woven vinyl is available in square & rectangular tiles for mixing & matching different sizes and colours into patterns such as herringbone, basket weave, staggered columns, and many more.

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