Vinyl (Resilient) Flooring

Functionality is key when it comes to flooring. But it’s the design that makes all the difference. We want it to look good. Genuine. And true to nature.
Create your own unique design, play with contrast and texture with vinyl flooring from Moods Singapore.

Linea EVF NEW!

Super soft, hyper strong Engineered Vinyl Floors is a new generation of flooring which can be installed on uneven subfloors. This product composition is extensively engineered & multi layered –in no way comparable to other rigid products in the market.

Play It Your Way

Create your own unique floor design by combining creative shapes with a selection of stone and wood textures from our Impress and Transform collections.


This collection consists of 2 series; Impressive, an array of wood and slate textures brought to life by embossing the floors in register, and Expressive, a range of random puzzle patterns that ensures pure originality in your final flooring design.


A huge selection of stone, uni-colour and wood designs with little pattern repeats. This series is perfect for medium to high commercial traffic as well as residential applications.

Vinyl Sheets

Heterogeneous vinyl is a multi-layer flooring solution that comes in 2m wide roll formats with properties such as acoustic insulation, comfort, anti-slip, anti-bacterial and low maintenance, amongst many others.

Woven Vinyl

This beautiful anti-bacterial, fray-proof woven vinyl is available in square & rectangular tiles for mixing & matching different sizes and colours into patterns such as herringbone, basket weave, staggered columns, and many more.

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