Floors that make you feel in the mood

Setting the mood is often one of the key aspects when it comes to designs of any kind.

Flooring is the one thing that brings the whole room together. Without the right flooring, your interior can have design elements in all the right places and still not look right.

At Moods®, we work hand in hand with interior designers, contractors, and home/business owners to find the most appropriate products that can amplify the style you want your space to ignite.

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A beautiful floor can be the centrepiece of any space

From bespoke timber flooring produced from sustainable forest management, to stylish vinyl flooring developed from cutting-edge technology, we are constantly keeping ourselves abreast with the latest developments in technology and market trends.

All parts of our products have a function and contribute to the quality of our products.
No excess materials are used just to make the product feel heavier or thicker to portray a false perception of quality.

We Care

The nerds behind Moods® scrutinise every details, composition and layers of the flooring products before bringing them into Singapore. We ensure that all our products meet the requirements for indoor air quality (IAQ), are safe for kids, elderly & pets, and are produced by the finest manufacturers with the best possible sustainable manufacturing profile.

Our modern flooring solutions are curated based on these 3 principles:

Thoughtful Quality

'cos quality means worry-free

Tasteful Designs

'cos look good, feel good

Environmental Sustainability

'cos the Earth is our home and the Ocean is where life begins

Depending on each individual, business, designer or specifier's requirements, we look for a solution within our wide range of products with specifications best suited to your use.

Product Offerings

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Vinyl Planks & Tiles

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Sheet Vinyl

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Moods®️ was conceived in 2017 by two underwater lovers who have seen first-hand the impact of climate change on marine life.

Our mission is to beautify spaces and provide peace of mind by creating noteworthy walking surfaces sustainably.

Our vision is to become the most compelling flooring company in Singapore driven by a passion for innovative solutions,
curiosity in latest trends and ethics in doing business.

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