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Our PVC skirtings are tested using state-of-the-art technologies, such as high-performance chromatography, gas chromatography or mass spectrometry.

accessories skirting

Flexible Foamed PVC

Expanded polyblend based on PVC for all kind of floorings, and a new and improved version of foam skirting. Alongside a robust surface, the soft lips have been significantly improved. The flexible soft lips on the top and bottom offer specific advantages when it comes to installation since it provides a better fit between the floor and the wall unevenness, thereby allowing for a seamless and exact join between the two.

This compact foam skirting is available in 2 heights

accessories flexibile colour dark grey
accessories flexibile colour grey
accessories flexibile 1
accessories flexibile 1
accessories flexibile 3

Universal Foamed PVC

Made from a foamed polyblend on a PVC base, the integrated soft lips offer a clean join with the flooring, protecting it from water penetration when wiping, therefore, making it also ideally suited to potential wet-rooms.

The 60mm Universal skirting is able to cover a wide variety of contemporary floorings and provide a uniform finish especially with vinyl floorings.

universal foamed color 1
universal foamed color 3
universal foamed color 5
universal foamed color 7
universal foamed color 9
universal foamed color 11
universal foamed color 2
universal foamed color 4
universal foamed color 6
universal foamed color 8
universal foamed color 10
universal foamed 1
universal foamed 2
universal foamed 3


oak prime


Offers a durable and easy solution to cover the expansion gap between two adjacent Click LVT floors.

oak confort


Provides smooth and smart transitions between lower-lying surfaces and LVT.

oak rustic


Is the perfect finish between your Click LVT and wall, elevated door threshold, window or closet.

oak campagne


Provides friction between the bottom of a foot and the top of the stair to prevent slipping while using the stairs.


It all starts with a solid foundation. Whether you are looking for a total residential solution, superior sound insulation or for a perfect commercial fit, we have the right underlay for every flooring requirement.

accessories standard


Made of up to 90% natural raw materials, our Standard underlay is 100% recyclable. This permanent resilient underlayment with mineral fillers and polyurethane binder, provides excellent dimensional stability; perfect for high-moisture rooms.

In combination with our 4.5mm Click LVT, this Standard underlay reduces impact sound by 13dB.



accessories acoustic


Is noise affecting your living comfort? Or are you trying to meet the current building regulations? Our Acoustic underlay - blocks different types of noise, from footfall to vibrations - is just what you need.

Extensively tested and officially certified, the sound-damping underlay shows outstanding impact sound reduction values of ΔLw=21dB and ΔLlin=10dB (in combination with our 4.5mm Click LVT).



accessories heavy


Our self-adhesive Heavy-Duty underlay offers a comprehensive solution to install Dryback LVT without the need of adhesives. It can also be used in combination with Click LVT.

Extensively tested for long-term adhesion and with high-compressive strength, this permanently elastic underlay made of mineral fibres and polyurethane binders, is ideal for use in commercial environments.

Furthermore, this underlay guarantees clean installation without damage to the subfloor and it’s ready-to-use. Unlike standard adhesive installations, it allows for the Dryback floor to be walked on immediately after installation.

In combination with our 4.5mm Click LVT, the underlay reduces sound impact to ΔLw=13dB, and to ΔLw=10dB with our 2.5mm Dryback LVT.



Joint Strips

Create a natural grouting or strong visual effect with our floor strips. Individually coloured to complement our range of flooring, the strips can be used to further personalise your LVT Dryback flooring.

311S WHITE 914 x 4 mm x 2mm

joint strip white

335S DARK BEIGE 914 x 4 mm x 2mm

joint strip dark beige

390S GREY 914 x 4 mm x 2mm

joint strip grey

395S DARK GREY 914 x 4 mm x 2mm

joint strip dark grey

399S BLACK 914 x 4 mm x 2mm

joint strip black

321S BEIGE 914 x 4 mm x 2mm

joint strip beige

960S LIGHT GREY 914 x 4 mm x 2mm

joint strip light grey

382S SILVER 914 x 4 mm x 2mm

joint strip silver

985S BLACK GLITTER 914 x 4 mm x 2mm

joint strip black glitter

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