Heterogeneous vinyl sheet


There are two different types of sound that can impact your working or living environment:

The in-room impact sound is related to impact sound within the room itself. You want to reduce this to create a more calm and pleasant environment. Sarlon is rated Class A for this; the best in class!

Impact sound relates to the sound that is transmitted through the floor from one level to the level below. Reducing this impact sound is an important requirement in modern environments. Sarlon 19dB products offer the best acoustic high-traffic product in the market.

Floors need to be strong to remain beautiful and indentation under pressure can be a major issue. For areas where sound reduction is required but the floor may be subjected to very heavy or rolling loads, Sarlon 15dB will give you the optimum balance between acoustic performance and residual indentation.

XtremPURâ„¢ is an extremely high-performance lacquer protection which provides the best possible resistance against stains, scuffs and scratches and provides a matt aesthetic.

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